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Usage Of Scaffolding In Construction  

The Scaffolding is also known with the name of scaffold or staging. The use of Scaffolding is done during construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures. You can have a look at  to check about Scaffolding.

You may see the use of Scaffolds on site where access to heights and areas is required. Reaching higher heights might not be possible without Scaffolds. If proper safety measures are not taken during its use then it can even result in death or serious injury.


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The use of scaffolding is done in formwork and shoring, grandstand seating, concert stages, access/viewing towers, exhibition stands, ski ramps, and art projects.

There are basically five main types of scaffolding. These are mentioned below:

  • Tube and Coupler (fitting) components
  • H-frame / facade modular system scaffolds
  • Timber scaffolds
  • Bamboo scaffolds
  • Prefabricated modular system scaffold

Systems Scaffolding

Systems Scaffolding is also known as modular scaffolding. These scaffolding do have primarily of vertical and horizontal pre-engineered components. These components are connected in a systematic fashion.

The most used scaffolding across the globe is Systems scaffolding. There are hundreds of manufacturers of such scaffolding and have particular efficiencies.

Some of these scaffolding are best to use in highly loaded conditions whereas others can be used in smaller repeated scaffold structures.


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Systems scaffolding is basically an umbrella term that has many types of scaffolding. These scaffolding can create standardized scaffolding bays.

Some popular type of systems scaffolding is

  • Cuplock Systems Scaffolding
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding
  • Haki Scaffolding
  • Staircase Towers

Frame & Brace Scaffolding

Such Scaffoldings are commonly used for residential and commercial applications. In North America and Europe use of these Scaffoldings is done. Have a peek at this site to know more about Scaffolding.

Such scaffolding is made up of frames, braces, planks, and bases.  These scaffolding are light can be erected quite quickly. Such scaffolding is not as strong as system scaffolding.


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