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Different Types of Awnings

If you want to create an outdoor space on your balcony or terrace without covering the whole area, then awnings are the best option to choose.

They make your house and windows look more beautiful without hiding any view. Awnings provide you shade and protect you from the heat of the sun. If you are looking for professional awning services you may visit

Patios awnings

Awnings come in different styles and you can choose one of them that suit your home.

Wood: If you are looking to create a small cottage in your outdoor space then you can choose wood awnings. Wood awnings are the best to decorate your garden seating area and balcony space. Wood awning keeps your space cool in summer and provides you with a comfortable place to sit.

Retractable: These are temporary awnings and can be used if you don’t have extra space. These awnings are generally used in bars and restaurants.

Fabric: These awnings come in various styles, shapes and colours and used decorate outdoor space of your home and public building. These awnings also come in retractable style and mostly used for events like weddings.

folding arm awnings sydney

Metal: Metal awnings are durable and long lasting than wooden and fabric awnings. These awnings can be used in all weather conditions. The people who want permanent awnings they can go with metal the ones. These awnings only come in black and shiny bronze colour.

Motorized: These awnings are mostly used in shops. These awnings have sensors and can be operated with an electronic machine remote. You have to hire an electrician to install these awnings. These awnings also have wind, sun and rain sensors that automatically retract when the weather gets bad.

You have a variety of awnings styles and fabric to choose from. Depending on the look of your store, restaurants or home you can choose one of them. If you want to read more about awnings type, you may visit this website.

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